Friday, October 3, 2008

Exercise #21 Social Networking Sites

Bebo -I registered for Bebo membership and tried finding my granddaughters profile but doing several searches with her brother helping me, we came to the conclusion that she must be using a nom de plume. Matthew, my grandson, showed me how to add photos and change the skin on my profile.
Facebook -I have invited several people to be my friend but have not had confirmation of that yet. (Friends have to accept your invitation to be friends)
I have joined two groups -Photographers in NZ and Dog Lovers. I also joined the NZ network.
MySpace-I created a profile and added a picture onto the profile. I have two friends. I found Facebook the easiest to use.

1 comment:

NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

Great way to keep up with the grandchildren and I bet they will think you are the "coolest" grandmothe ever!!