Sunday, August 31, 2008

delicious social bookmarking

I have investigated the libraries which use delicious. The list of bookmarks used by some libraries included a wide variety of subjects. Students posted vacation photographs or video clips of tutorials to the library list. One list impressed me -they were obviously using delicious to record websites useful for Reference inquiries. The tags made it clearer as to what each posting contained. As a result, in the same way we use our catalogued subject headings, it was easy to click on to more information about the required subject. On this particular American library bookmarks list, it was interesting to see similar subject inquiries to those we have at North Shore Libraries -eg the Beijing Olympics

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Exercise #7 RSS

I made my account and selected some Feed subjects. I was truly amazed -within seconds I had 17 feeds to click into!! Many of them were very general - some of interest and some not. I will go back and be more specific when selecting Feeds. I can see once I have restated my Feed subjects, this would be very useful.

Exercise #6 Technology

Now that I am over the first hurdle of creating a blog (never having done this before) I am looking forward to doing all the 23 things and becoming more confident with the computer functions. I would like to put the photos of my travels in Italy and Spain onto Flickr and go back and make a better card (the photo of Amalfi is somewhat blurred) I would like to communicate with my granddaughter on one of the social networking sites.

Photograph from Google Images

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A trading card for exercise #5 (mashups

here is the address of the Trading card I have made

Flickr experience

I enjoyed the YouTube clip about Flickr. I then looked at other photos and thought being able to search through using tags was very useful. I am hoping to put some photos of the Amalfi coast onto a Flickr account that I will arrange in the future. A link to an image of the Amalfi coast is

another link is